123 HP Deskjet 3775 Printer Setup

hp setup deskjet 3755

HP Deskjet 3775 Printer Illustration

Conserve space and money and print wirelessly with the world’s tiniest 123 HP Deskjet 3775 all-in-one printer. Get low-cost color and all the power you need in incredible, compact style. Print, scan, and copy from almost any mobile device.

Wireless task, low-cost printing, and a dash of color for a vital experience. HP Deskjet 3775 All-in-One Printers convey professional color and black-and-white documents at a low cost per page, plus a full range of copy and scan tools with a progressive paper-handling list.

HP Deskjet 3775 Printer Features

All-in-one that packs a punch

Conserve space and get all the power you require with the world’s smallest 123 HP Deskjet 3775 all-in-one printer. HP Scroll Scan supports you to handle most scan jobs, from a range of papers. Display your style with a smooth design and a variety of head-turning types.

Wireless Printing

The coolest way to print documents, photos, and more from your Apple, Android, and Windows devices. Get associated quickly and begin printing fast with a relaxed setup from your smartphone or tablet. Scan any file on the go for your smartphone or tablet.

HP ink cartridges

Wirelessly print, scan, and copy what you require quickly and easily with this affordable all-in-one. Count on superior printing, using reasonable HP Deskjet 3755 ink cartridges. Save power and easily recycle your Original HP cartridges at no cost through HP Planet Partners.

HP Deskjet 3775 Mobile Application

HP Deskjet 3775 Airprint

AirPrint is an exceptional feature with which you can print a document or a photo from an Apple device by connecting your HP compatible printer to a wireless network. If you are using an HP AirPrint compatible printer that contains wireless features, then these instructions help you set up AirPrint.

HP Deskjet 3775 ePrint

HP ePrint is a cloud-based service that generates prints easily from your Android, Smartphone or Tablets. Print from anywhere with a live Internet connection. You can email the document or photo you need to print directly to the 123 HP ePrint enabled printer.

HP Deskjet 3775 Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print allows you share printers with just a click. Any type of app when connected to a web-connected device, can use Cloud Print. You can connect a printer to your Google Cloud Print account and start printing on it. Handling printers and print jobs in Cloudy-ready printers is simple.

HP Deskjet 3775 Latest Driver & Manual Download

HP Deskjet 3775 Driver

Download the Updated Printer Driver:

  • Avail the latest version of the printer driver from 123.hp.com/setup 3775 us within seconds.
  • Click the link to download 123 HP Deskjet 3775 for Windows and Mac compatible printer.

HP Deskjet 3775 Manual

Download the Easy Procedural Guide:

  • Our easy step-by-step instructions help you setup and troubleshoot printer on your own.
  • Click the link to download the user manual for your corresponding 123 HP Setup Deskjet 3775

HP Deskjet 3775 Printer Quick Tips

  • Ink can irregularly dry up and the reason for small blockages within the print-heads nozzles, this can lead to your prints being streaky and diminished.
  • If the driver disk for your printer has been lost, you need to re-install the driver as most of the companies have records of their drivers on their websites 123.hp.com/dj 3775
  • On some printers, you can print out a test page deprived of even going through your computer’s print interface.

HP Deskjet 3775 Printer Troubleshooting

123.hp.com/deskjet 3775 - 'Paper Mismatch' Error (Mac)

Step 1: Alter the paper size settings

  • In the program, you wish to print from, choose ile, and then select rint.
  • Choose your printer from the rinter rop-down menu.
  • Choose age Setup, and then tap aper Size.
  • Choose the paper size that corresponds to the size and type of paper mounted in the printer tray, and then select K. If there are no matching paper sizes, choose the size from the option that is closest to the size of the paper mounted in the tray.
  • Attempt to print.

Step 2: Retune the printer

  • Switch the printer on.
  • Wait until the printer is silent before you proceed.
  • With the printer turned on, detach the power cord from the posterior of the printer.
  • Release the power cord from the wall socket.
  • Pause FOR at least 60 seconds.
  • Join the power cord back into the wall socket.
  • Relink the power cord to the back of the printer.
  • Power on the printer, if it does not automatically turn on.
  • The printer might go through a warm-up phase. The printer lights might blink, and the carriage may move.
  • Pause until the warm-up period diminishes and your printer is idle and silent before you commence.

Step 3: Upgrade the driver

  • Choose the pple enu, and then select System Preferences.
  • Liable to your operating system version, choose rint & Fax, rint & Scan, or rinters & Scanners.
  • Select the name of your printer, choose the minus sign, and then remove the printer.
  • Choose the plus sign and then select dd Printer or Scanner.
  • Choose the se r rint Using ox, and then click the name of your printer in the pop-up menu.
  • Do ot hoose AirPrint.
  • Choose to Add o add the printer to the list.
  • Reboot the Mac.
  • Attempt to print.

Step 4: Monitor the paper source setting

  • Eliminate all the paper from all the printer input trays.
  • Mount the paper, and then alter the paper width guides so they softly rest against the edge of the paper stack.
  • In the program, you want to print from, choose ile, and then tap rint.
  • Choose your printer from the rinter rop-down option.
  • Choose the aper Type/Quality r edia & Quality enu.
  • Select eed from r ource o select the correct paper tray.
  • Attempt to print.

Step 5: Upgrade the firmware

If you recently updated your operating system, you may need to update the firmware to restore certain printer functions.

  • Ensure the printer is on and linked to the computer, either through your local network or a USB cable.
  • Choose your operating system if essential.
  • Select irmware, and then choose Download.
  • If a Firmware section is not mentioned, an upgrade is not currently available for your printer.
  • Choose se HP Download and Install Assistant (Recommended), click ext, and then select nstall now.
  • When the HP Printer Update window exhibits, see if the printer serial number shows.
    • If the serial number shows, choose the checkbox next to it, and then select pdate.
    • If the serial number exhibits but the status is ‘not applicable’ (grayed out), you do not need to finish the firmware update. Select Cancel.
    • If the serial number does not exhibit and your printer uses a network connection,
    • If your printer’s serial number does not get displayed and if your printer has been connected by means of a network connection, link a USB cable to the printer and computer, pause for 20 seconds, and then choose efresh. When the serial number exhibits, tap the checkbox next to it and then click pdate.
  • When the update finishes, click K.
  • If you link a USB cable to upgrade your network printer, eliminate the USB driver installed by Windows.
    • Look in Windows for evices and Printers, and then choose Devices and Printers n the list of options.
    • Right-click the USB printer device that corresponds your printer model, and then chooses emove Device.
    • Detach the USB cable from the printer and the computer, and then reboot the computer.


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