123 HP Officejet 7612 Printer Setup

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HP Officejet 7612 Printer Illustration

The 123 HP Officejet 7612 printer is a reasonably priced and reliable device that lets you create quality marketing documents from 7.62 X 12.7 to 33.02 X 48.26 cm.

It belongs to the class of business ink printers from 123.hp/setup . It has excellent functionality and quality. Its wireless printing, power conservation, and space conscious design make it a valuable device.

HP Officejet 7612 Printer Features

HP OJ 7612 Print

The 123 OfficeJet 7612 lets you create documents that are border-less flyers, brochures, and other marketing assets. It has a monthly duty cycle of 12000 pages with a recommended usage of 800 pages.

HP OJ 7612 Scan

The 123 HP Setup Officejet 7612 printer hosts a 27.94 X 43.18-cm (Tabloid) glass insides its compact design. This lets you scan a range of documents without a size constrain.

HP OJ 7612 Copy

The 123 HP Officejet 7612 printer can copy up to 33 copies per minute in Black and 28 copies per minute in Color. You can also reduce or enlarge the document upto 25% and 400% respectively.

HP Officejet 7612 Mobile Application

HP OJ 7612 Airprint

AirPrint is an exceptional feature with which you can print a document or a photo from an Apple device by connecting your HP compatible printer to a wireless network. If you are using an HP AirPrint compatible printer that contains wireless features, then these instructions help you set up AirPrint.

HP OJ 7612 ePrint

HP ePrint is a cloud-based service that generates prints easily from your Android, Smartphone or Tablets. Print from anywhere with a live Internet connection. You can email the document or photo you need to print directly to the 123 HP ePrint enabled printer.

HP OJ 7612 Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print allows you share printers with just a click. Any type of app when connected to a web-connected device, can use Cloud Print. You can connect a printer to your Cloud Print account and start printing on it. Handling printers and print jobs in Cloudy-ready printers is simple.

HP Officejet 7612 Latest Driver & Manual Download

HP Officejet 7612 Driver

Download the Updated Printer Driver:

  • Avail the latest version of the printer driver from 123.hp.com/officejet 7612 us within seconds.
  • Click the link to download 123 HP Setup Officejet 7612 for Windows and Mac compatible printer.

HP Officejet 7612 Manual

Download the Easy Procedural Guide:

  • Our easy step-by-step instructions help you setup and troubleshoot printer on your own.
  • Click the link to download from 123.hp.com/setup officejet 7612 the user manual for your corresponding 123 HP Officejet 7612

HP Officejet 7612 Printer Quick Tips

  • You can use HP ePrint to securely and easily print document or photos from your computer or smart phone with no other software required. To enable HP ePrint touch the HP ePrint icon and enable Web Services and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Make sure you have the email address assigned to to the printer during sign up. Attach the document or photo you wish to print in an email message and send it to the printer’s mail address.

HP Officejet 7612 Troubleshooting

Printer is Offline (Windows)

  • If you are using Windows 8 or 10 use HP Printer and Scan Doctor to resolve several types of faults that can cause the printer to go offline.
  • Download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor and follow the on-screen prompts to fix the problem from 123.hp.com/oj 7612.
  • Change the default print driver to your original driver installed during the first use. Make sure the printer is to not set for offline use.
  • Switch the printer off and on, and confirm if it is in a ready state.
  • Open Devices and Printers. Right-click the printer icon and choose see What’s printing. Click on printer. Un-check Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline, if checked. If this does not work, then try method.
  • Turn-off the printer and re-start it. The printer might start printing jobs form previous print queue and the printer is back online.
  • If it is not online, then remove the power cord, wait for 60 seconds, reconnect and switch on the printer.
  • Try changing the connected type. If you are connected wirelessly use a USB or Ethernet connection and vice-versa.
  • You can disconnect from any guest or host network and connect directly using Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless direct.
  • Finally, you can try updating the printer firmware to resolve the issue using 123.hp.com/setup 7612.

Step 1: Monitor the print driver settings

  • Check for connectivity issues. Make sure that the USB is properly fixed and the printer is listed under Printers in Print & Scan. Go to the next step if the printer is still offline.
  • Remove the power cord from the back of the printer. Wait for 60 seconds. This will reset the stored values in the firmware. Restart the printer and check if it online. If not go to the next step.
  • Under Printers and Scanners make sure that not more than one printer is listed and set that as the default printer.
  • Remove all existing printing jobs, select your printer in the printer list, click add and choose Print Using or Use. Select your printer.
  • If the printer is still offline try steps 5 to 9. Reset the printer by right-clicking in the empty space in the printers list.
  • Click Reset Printing and choose Reset in the confirmation window.
  • Provide the administrator password and then click OK.
  • The printer will reset and no devices will be visible in the Printer list.
  • Add your printer to the list and try printing again.
  • If the printer is still offline try disconnecting from a guest or host network or try connecting the printer to another computer.


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